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About Mary Jane Duford

I’m Mary Jane Duford, a businesswoman with a background in civil engineering. My career began in energy and infrastructure but took a new direction when my gardening blog gained popularity, reaching millions annually. This success led me to found Duford Digital Inc. and expand into various businesses, both online and offline.

My current endeavors

I started Home for the Harvest in 2015. As a content creator and blogger, I share insights, tips, and inspirations for others who cherish the art of nurturing their homes and gardens.

In 2021, I founded Duford Digital Inc., channeling my expertise into helping businesses thrive in the digital space. This venture reflects my commitment to innovation and excellence in digital strategies.

Educational foundation

My academic background is rooted in civil engineering, and I hold a Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering from The University of British Columbia (2012). I’m also a proud holder of the P.Eng. (Professional Engineer) designation from Engineers and Geoscientists BC. In addition to my engineering certifications, I hold a Permaculture Design Certificate and a Master Gardener Certificate.

My mission

Through Duford Digital, I strive to merge my technical acumen with my creative passions, providing a unique perspective to digital audiences. My goal is to empower, educate, and inspire, whether it’s through a blog post about nurturing your garden or a holistic strategy to grow your business.

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